Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rumor confirmed: We spent 40-some minutes deciding on this pillow. True Story.

Jordan's pillow.

It is the pillow that I never like until he is gone. It is the pillow that is so floppy and flippant in it's cushionicity that by the time you put the effort in to find the exact amount of flop and sustainability to drift you off into sleep you are too tired to appreciate the perfectness. You are actually annoyed now. And awake. Stupid pillow.

Sustainability? Really? Yes.

It is night 3 of Jordan being on a work trip. That son of a gun is in NYC. He says he has all these meetings during the day and work prep at night. I think he's just touring the city, one fabulous street at a time. He's all I just walked by Saks when I'm all I just drove under Clayton on I-270.

But his pillow. Oh that pillow. I usually don't like it. We have 47 pillows to choose from on any given night and while this same pillow is his go-to I am perfectly happy using Caroline's booty as a place to rest my head.

But on nights like tonight, when the OC can fulfill me no more, I need his pillow to sleep. Love that pillow. Amazing!

**On a significantly more important subject, my brother and his wife welcomed sweet Anna Catherine into the world today. Mother and baby are doing well and I heard she has a full head of hair...


the Halvorsons said...

Oh NYC. Kurt was there last week....was so jealous! What happened to taking the wife along....oh yeah, three kids. :)

Hope you're doing well...enjoying those trashy shows.

Alina said...

Love your writing here! Funny stuff.

Alina said...

Ha! Thanks for the comment back. It cracked me up. I will often think of the bloggers I read at random and different times. It's fun to be able to feel like I know some about your life (and pillow) habits, though I've not seen you in years. Keep up the writing and's good stuff!

P.S. I rarely wait to the morning to publish. I'm usually to excited and would rather do a final, final edit in the morning. I'm kind of a dork like that.