Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I am addicted to The OC. With it comes an emotional attachment to the characters and their lives. I am only in Season 1 and currently walking alongside Ryan as he deals with Oliver, Marissa 's new friend.

Oliver, right? Do I have the wrong name? I am scared to look it up that by doing so I'll spoil what happens.
**Husband Beware**
I'm sorry Jordan. You are in NYC right now. You left with me addicted to reading Harry Potter and will return with me addicted to watching The OC on hulu.

I really am sorry... promise.

**Some History for my Reader/s**
I never watched these shows growing up. Dawsons? No. Melrose? No. Other semi-trashy t.v. shows? No.

But then I turned 25 and suddenly I was drawn to shows like this and this and now this.


leslie. said...

Awww, Suz, trashy teen drama tv is such a black hole. Awesome? Yes. Trashy? For sure.

I also wasn't allowed to watch the shows you listed, so I'm playing catch up right now. Did you know that 2 episodes of Beverly Hills 90210 and then some One Tree Hill and a few O.C. come on starting at 4 on the Soap Net? I mean, I don't watch them or DVR them for later or anything. I'm too old for that. Or am I....

Happy watching!

Anonymous said...

Cute.. I love it. I watched all those shows on prime time so I am actually trashier than you since I was sucked in waaaaaay earlier.

Jen T
(google wouldnt log me in)

Mama Hutch said...

Nice. I could pretend that I haven't watched ALL of the episodes of The Hills, but...