Wednesday, September 10, 2008

playa please

While watching the mythbusters confirm the myth that two phone books, shuffled into one another, cannot be torn apart I realized something. I'm a lazy sack of crap! So lazy that I watch this, borderline miserable, wanting to not be watching this but it is just so easy to sit. So I'm sitting and quasi-watching.

In other news: Marme is coming to the STL. She's a domestic goddess and she is going to try, for the third time, to pass on her brilliance to me.

Project sewing. Fabric has been purchased and new sewing scissors are in hand. We be recreating this. Only difference is we will be searching for grey velvet as the border. Beautious.
Project knitting. The yarn I purchased when I first decided to tackle this bad boy have actually been turned into a lovely scarf. From Marme. I'm excited to see that beast. I'm also excited about this. Soon, she will be mine. I love you etsy.
Project cross-stitching. She doesn't know this but I'm hoping she'll help me here.

Mom, pack your apron and tea length house dress. We are going to get pretty crazy.

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