Tuesday, September 09, 2008

he has an eye patch people

I got up just now to start cleaning and then I realized how much less stressed I am when things are clean. I'm just enough oblivious to miss that one staring me straight in the eye. And so when this was eventually learn-ed by me I had 2 choices:

1. Continue down the up and down roller coaster ride that is happiness when organized/cleaned
2. Hire a maid.

And so I did. Her name is Lola and his name is Bubby-Joe. Meet Bubby-Joe. He's real nice.

Oh a similar-yet-not note: I discovered Toblerone eating his own poo today. He was far enough away that I did not recognize it but as I approached he became slightly possessive of it. He playfully tossed it with his mouth and then rolled around on the grass COVERING IT UP. So, I took him inside and let him cuddle with Bubby-Joe, the new help, and lick him from 'stach to 'stach.

We've been making bread lately. I could eat potato bread and mexican every single day. In Charlotte there was a restaurant, Salsaritas, that rocked my freaking world. So help me, I cannot find another chicken nachos with cheese that is anywhere near as good as Salsaritas. I get it anyway though a little piece of me does die.

St. Louisans- what's the deal wtih the Attorneys of Brown and Brown?

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