Wednesday, August 27, 2008

summoned, assigned, selected, DISMISSED.

People. It has been a whirlwind adventure as the past 3 days I have served the city of STL. I served so well that I was quickly dismissed after calling out a fellow juror for some unwanted comments shared. I mean we were instructed like 5 minutes ago to NOT say that to one another. Maybe there was some ADD going on but they offered dismissal based on medical needs in the initial waiting area. So... they cut me too. Maybe I blanked out and also communicated my already decided verdict before the trial began. Maybe there was doubt the comment was ever made. But I walked out of the civil court building paranoid this person was waiting. For me. They were not, as far as I could tell. I am confident my departure left the others with questions.

I'm sure my stalker is saddened by our inability to say goodbye. I'm ok with that. Creepy Creeperson. I felt I had to report my whereabouts to him more than I share with my husband. I did not feel the need, I was just asked over and over and over again. No, I will not be taking Tucker back to the garage. No, I did not park in that garage... well I did but I am going to avoid that 4 block walk with you by awkwardly waiting for the bus I will not take. No, I'm meeting my friend for lunch. No, I'm not going to eat at the same place I ate yesterday. Yes, I see you watching so I'm going to walk all the way around the block in an effort to avoid you. Yes, it is obvious you returned to the room for absolutely no reason only to walk out together and because of that you are now forced to take like several hundred steps instead of the elevator. Sucker. I am also going to take *that call* that mysteriously came in just as I began to descend. No, I do not agree with how you speak of your wife. No, your ring turning black and scabbing is not a sign from God that you shouldn't be married. No, I'm not interested in the lack of sleep you received last night. And no, sharing with me that your wife isn't as *cool* as me and you wish she was is not something to either think or share. Especially with me. I don't care. I don't care. I really don't care.

You people think I'm exaggerating. You think I'm bit extreme when I describe this. I'm not. I straight up had someone who followed me like Toby follows me in the house. Difference is Toby doesn't share with me how Caroline doesn't let him stay out late or that he failed to sleep in his gargantuan water bed because of his offspring's movements. Plus, what wife LETS her husband stay out late. I didn't realize this was something you receive permission for. I have a husband, not a child.

*mucho gracias to Noel for providing the name of an eating location so when asked where I was going... I didn't fumble. Also, apparently we met for lunch.

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noel said...

woah. didn't realize that I was giving *that* kind of advice! Happy to be of service in any event.