Tuesday, July 15, 2008

an update on the 2008 resolutions

As I am sure everyone is on pins and needles awaiting this update, here's the skinny and by *skinny* I mean NOT as I am joining a gym.

I had high hopes and dreams of learning the accordion. The accordion seemed the proper instrument for several reason. First- I married into a very musical family and I myself am not. I could learn the piano, again, try to learn the violin, again, have man-lover teach me guitar, or try to... again, but with all these choices and possibilities there leaves the chance that I would be at some point having a recital of sorts in front of true musicians. I cannot chance that. Of course this assumes I would excel and that as I have learned is not a safe assumption. Second- Because of this I went down a more unusual path- quickly looking into instruments that most people dislike or think very little of. That would be good as my talents as a future musician would be lacking, at best. Finally- who knows anyone who plays the accordion?

The accordion was a great fit and I mentally and emotionally pursued it. Then we met friends at church that have a family member that plays. Upon finding this out I immediately checked this resolution off as *failed* and gave up hope. Resolution #1: FAILED.

My next resolution was learning how to knit. I have been drowning in blogs by creative women. Oh there are so many others. I absolutely love reading their thoughts and seeing their creations. Love it and am arrogant enough to think I can just.be.there.yesterday. So, the knitting. I hobbs lobbs-ed it up one weekend and bought both knitting needles and croquet needle (not plural. you will look foolish if you pick out two and the woman next to you comments on why you have two and you blankly stare and hesitantly respond, "because you need two?"), yarn and even a how-to laminated sheet. I tried, half-heartedly, and failed. My mother took home my needles, needle, and yarn when the fam left last week. I asked her to knit me a scarf. I like scarfs. Oh a positive note that got me thinking about how many knitted scarves I have and I began to wonder if you could make a blanket out of them. Can you? I think so. It would be a more random and significantly less cozy blanket than that of Corinne the newly wed. Resolution #2: FAILED.

The final resolution was learning how to sew. We are still progressing, slowly as it may be, but not at a standstill. It is sort of that *jog* I did during Covenant pre-season when we had to sprint down to the cone with our partner, jog back, and over and over and over again until we were all 60 lbs. Coach said we could jog as slow as we wanted, and so I did. I ain't here to impress no one.

With a barely 2/3 average I decided to add another resolution: Join the gym AND use it. Haven't joined yet, but we are doing the whole week-free thing next week. I am confident that I will prevail, in spite of my many failures to work out MY ENTIRE LIFE, because I have this jiggly thing going on and desire to don myself with tattoos and need a fine looking bod to pull it off. I'll be that bad-a girl. Just you wait, or don't because I don't have a good success rate.


KT said...

Suz, I totally love your writing and don't think that its that horrible that you didn't learn the accordion :) AND totally remember running those cones...

april said...

why do you need a 'bad-a bod' to cover your body with tattoos? i see plenty of people who have a different opinion than you.