Thursday, January 03, 2008

New Year's Resolutions

They are on paper the computer. It is official. Drum roll pulease....

J: Go to bed earlier and play guitar more.
The going to bed earlier will be tricky tricky on Monday nights as the current status of the intramural team's time slot is always the last game of the night. It isn't so much that I have issues with that as much as I really have issues with that. But this isn't my resolution, this is Jordan's, so if it gets broken each and every week on account of
*hoopala boopala* or something to that nature, so be it.
The playing the guitar should be a-ok for him just as long as my t.v. shows keep recording and I take the advice of my sweet Murfreesboro friend and start watching that new show on MTV. Not Laguna, but a few beaches down. Jordan really is an amazing guitar player... I'm all for hearing that gorgeous man play his gorgeous guitar more.

S: Learn how to knit, sew or play the accordion. Whichever comes first or doesn't fail.
Out of the 5 choices I offered Jordan for things to do Saturday morning, the one that seemed the lesser of evils was go to Hobs Lobs and buy some knitting needles... meander back home, look up how to knit and have him teach me (by the way, he has no idea how to knit... but his brilliance crosses the sea of gender and he can learn, or at least I've convinced myself that he can... in order to avoid reading and trying to understand the pictures I have forced myself to believe this possible-myth). I hate researching and would rather the painstaking hour or so it will be for him to show me, me to realize "it is that difficult", whine, apologize, whine again and so forth and so on. I think I pitched the Saturday morning well and he's really looking forward to it. Gosh, all you single men out there are just really wishing you were married now... huh? I know my writing draws on many of the young 25-35 single folk. Or so they say.
Sewing will wait until a sewing machine is purchased. I think we need to think long and hard about how quickly uninspired I can become when I don't understand something and so the money that goes into the machine will... be... for nothing. Anyone have one I can borrow?
The accordion... random, I know. But I'm tired of all the questions in STL of "are you musical as well?" and for once I want to be able to say with confidence, "YES!" regardless that it is an aged instrument that few care for or think of. I'm bringing it back baby. If I can also care enough about it to learn it.

Caroline: Lose 5 pounds and learn to appreciate those around her. Life is short, especially when there is no hope for eternity. Life everyday to the fullest Caroline. Even if that means running circles and circles and circles in our yard. Dig holes if you think you'll find a treasure on the other end. We'll get over it. I feel like I'm commissioning you into 2008. Feel blessed.
Other than that... not sure.

Oh, and last year's resolution about not working out. Total success. Jordan would beg to differ and he would be completely and utterly wrong. We agreed on one of our 2 hour drives to West County for our 2am soccer game that the soccer games did not constitute "working out". We agreed. I remember. We were merging onto Highway 40 from Hampton Avenue and it was roughly midnight as that would be us there right on time. So, we never worked out in 2007. Success.

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Ruth said...

hey there,
i can teach you how to knit. want to try for this weekend on saturday at some point during the day. i'm a pretty good teacher.
sorry i missed out on summer, i didn't check my email or facebook over christmas, i'm a dork.
so let me know.