Sunday, July 27, 2008

dang you Craigslisters... quit your false advertising.

Retro is a term used to describe aspects of modern culture which are consciously derivative or imitative of those trends, modes, fashions, or attitudes of the recent past which have or had come to be seen as unfashionable.
Regardless if these items advertised on Craigslist are old or not, they fail to fall into the category Retro.
Retro is not:

china my grandmother had.

I am unable to find one retro item in the picture.

maybe it was the decor in the background, but still not retro.

People are clever- annoyingly clever- by posting their item as "Pottery Barn" or "Shabby Chic" or "Modern" just to get people to click. I waste my time with you embellishing-borderline liar. Why can't you be more accurate and honest like:
Jesus headshot photo:
Though "headshot" makes me think of modeling... It really is and when you read the title you do think of this one, don't you?

We want to get a new stove. If I took a picture of the status of our current stove you'd probably vomit. I throw up a little bit every time I put something in there, silently wish the grotesque caked crap does not taint my cake or potatoes or whatever it is I'm cooking/baking, and think this sucks. And it does. It smells and smokes and tilts a little bit so that my cakes are lopsided. We have been searching Craigslist for a *find* and there have been some possibilities we have come to be still in want.

Last week there was this great stainless steel stove- next to nothing in price- right downtown. Perfect. Jordan would meet the guy on lunch or just after work and all my cooking woes would end.

Well, day 1: Lunch
Jordan drives to the location where the guy's brother is going to meet him. He waits 10 minutes or so and begins calling. No answer. He calls over and over 10 times in a row and finally the guy answers. He apologizes over and over. His brother is MIA. That's ok, we'll meet up at 5:15.

day 1: after work
Jordan drives again to the location and waits. Begins calling the guy over and over. He finally calls back and says, "You'll never believe this but I'm locked out of my house... blah blah blah meet again at 5:15 tomorrow"

day 2: after work
Again, Jordan drives to the location and this time the guy is there. He has Jordan wait some 45 minutes while he and his brother get the thing. 45 minutes. 45 stinking minutes. When they finally bring the dang thing down and present it to Jordan it is worthless. The drawer doesn't close. The door falls off when Jordan touches... touches it.

Craigslist has been good to us and for the most part people are totally honest. Then you meet people like those guys and become more and more frustrated by the unnecessary clicking on ads and you begin to dislike Craigslist. A lot. I'm there. Jordan is more forgiving.

By the way- we bought Toby a sports t-shirt that says,"Alpha Dog". It's rough and tough just like this little wiener. Something like that.

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april said...

amen sista. countless hours looking at craigs list CRAP. i need/want some furniture stuff. but then i grow tired looking through dark, very shadowy pictures and decide to go to a store. then i get overwhelmed by prices and choices and leave. then i don't get anything. hence i STILL have very little to contribute to any rooming situation. btw, new digs starting tomorrow! 826 pennsylvania. wanna come over?