Thursday, July 31, 2008

to do: learn to be quick to shut up

Usually you warn yourself. You keep track or place friendly reminders around so you'll... know. I am more complicated than that. I know, I don't care, and I act how I want-- when I want- despite of the raging emotions within me. This time- or this month if you will- I foresaw the valley ahead and I looked it straight in the eye and said, biznitch... I gots you. Truth be told, she got me. She owned me.

Don't think that you can inspire your PMS driven emotions. Don't think you can use it for your good to be more witty... sharp... anything-other-than-horrible. I learned this lesson for the, er, 168th time. Yes I know. Yes I know because I battle the desire to stay young and the desire to be freed from this monster within. But regardless, you will eat chocolate and you will become so disrespectful and degrading that you don't know how to return.

Oh, and don't make big decisions and/or move things- heavy things- when you are in this fallen state. Remember that previous heavy moving thing? I try not to but am reminded every time I enter the bedroom and She's pretty but she's that teenager that I love and brought out the worst in me.

We moved into our house and had this fabulous fridge. Love it. Love it.
We moved into our house with a dishwasher that I didn't dislike, I was just indifferent to. We moved into our house and had this horrible stove. Hated it. Still hate it. I hate it all the way to the people's house in IL that bought it from us today. Hate crosses water, did you know that? Hate crossed the Mississippi.

The man is that guy who sees, i.e. hears me complain?, what I like least and does what he can, i.e. craigslist, to make it all better. He's like the superhero that brought this brand new stainless stove AND dishwasher of a bandaid on my superficial sore. I love him for it. Not because of it, but it sure makes me smile. It makes me smile just after I made him frown- from my venom. Remember: don't move or breath or be in existence when you are there. We used to note it on the calender so father, mother, brother, dog would know the wrath of moi was coming. We don't own a calender at this house.

The dishwasher rocks. The stove ROCKS. I'm mending fences through making delicious blueberry crumb bars. Yum.

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