Wednesday, November 28, 2007


girls have no business moving heavy furniture. let me rephrase. I have no business moving heavy furniture.

i remember the time, oh the memory is sort of foggy and the characters are a bit hazy, but yes... a time when a boy names J and a girl named S were moving big and bulky furniture and out of the mouth of S spewed profanities and what could be deemed *vulgar* language. she seems tall in my mind. his hair is short, sort of blond meets red.

i should have jogged this memory before so readily saying and agreeing to not letting the dear men of furniture store to delivery new bedroom set to our home. "oh no, we can do it. we just need to put our backs into it". right.

so last night my temper was tested. my strength was tested. my grip was tested. my ability to hold my tongue, my new dresser, my sanity... i think you get the point. it all, it all, it all was tested. and the results did not take long to come back.

failure. i think failure came when i grabbed the closest things i could find that wouldn't break, keys, and threw them on the ground and said, "&*$%(w#*#@*%&%" in my communicative cavelike way. ah growth. it was like i reverted back to high school, or the toddler-like state of throwing my body on the carpet, kicking my legs in the air and throwing my arms around... at nothing. i am sure my sweet, patient husband saw both cavewoman and toddlergirl as i threw the keys down. i am sure as well that he looked past it all and said, "that's the psycho i married". sometimes i wonder why he even speaks to me.

and so dear friends, no more moving furniture. i quit. i quit from this second job i seem to have signed up for every so often. i don't own the nifty back support thingy that i apparently should have. i don't own the gloves that have the coolio grippers. and my arms are still the whimpy p.o.w. arms that they were back in high school. ain't no way. and by me not moving it is me saying, i cannot change my behavior so i will change the circumstances surrounding my behavior. ha. i think i need counseling... or a swift kick in the


the Halvorsons said...

oh suz, just wait until you're pregnant...and you think you're strong enough to move furniture around the house and up the stairs. Once I get an idea in my mind, I can't wait for Kurt to get home, so super-Julianne decideds that she can move mattresses by herself...and dressers across rooms...and kids' playroom furniture all around. it's ridiculous. it really is. and those profanities....ha, just wait. :) but i am still laughing at the "put your back into it." what is that from?? anyways, post pictures of the new, loved furniture.

Matt said...

Your blog is funnier than a man with a hairy back getting stuck to a wall of velcro.