Thursday, July 31, 2008

because you were in want

The pictures I did not promise, but you held out the hope for seeing.

The old. Toby was just so attached he lept on top and tinkled a little. Gotta mark your territory, right?
Can you see the stainage? Can you see how it tilts a little and so my cakes came out lopsided... always? I can and I am currently undergoing auditing therapy to rid myself of such horrid memories.

The new. Speechless, I know.

I am back to drooling over the steel. Not The Steels though I adore them so, but it would be weird for me to actually enter the kitchen and be physically able to drool on them. Hey Graham!


april said...

is putting toby on stoves a regular occurance at your household?

leslie. said...

so many things...
1. Toby can jump the stove? that's awesome. Mable is proud.
2. it would be really really funny if you could drool on us when you came into your kitchen. i picture those odd commercials when the lady opens the pantry and someone hands her what she needs then she closes the door - as if it's normal to have someone hand you things from inside your pantry. anyway, i digress.

LOVE LOVE the new stove! can't wait to see it :)

HumbuckerChapell said...

Only when he is defiant. Low. Always low.