Thursday, July 10, 2008

purple pansies

Things that are kosher when sick at home with a migraine... for 3 days straight.

1. wear the same *undies* 4 days straight.

2. walking out in said undies to beg the

3. blaming the fact that the dogs are now barking indoors rather than outdoors on... friends, waitresses from days earlier, tv characters, the annoying weatherman from channel 5.

4. eating with mouth open.

5. drinking or rather finishing the drink of random glasses decorating the house.

6. satisfying my neediness and cuddletasticity in the dog that won't leave my side.

7. gazing off into space for-eva.

8. watching oprah.

9. watching cribs, like 4 times in a row.

Things to do when over said migraine and ready to tackle the world...

1. make plans to paint the upstairs.

2. make plans to paint the bathroom.

3. make plans to finish that skirt I bought the fabric for, pattern for, cut out pattern and.stopped.

4. make plans to build that built in shelving upstairs.

5. drive to Home Depot to look for paint so starting that project can begin right away.

6. decide that rather than swing into HD for paint samples, driving with the man who got me through the past 3 days on the scooter was a much, much better idea.

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