Thursday, June 19, 2008

go back to high school...

What if I told you that we cared for our dog so much that we registered her for puppy training at Petsmart? What if I also told you that she passed, meagerly at best, and we loved and cared for her even more that we registered her for the intermediate class as soon as she passed? What if I then told you we stopped going, 2 lessons in, without word to our trainer Kathy and without consulting the pooch?

Well that happened and Caroline, sweet Caroline, became the modern day K9 version of Rizzo, the beauty school dropout. I know it wasn't Rizzo, but I can't think of the girl who actually did dropout. The song however, is going nuts in my head.

While we quickly got over the shame of knowing we actually paid for this class but still care more about our need to do whatever it is we do rather than take Caroline to class, we still had to face Petsmart for almost all our doggie needs: Caroline's bath, Caroline and Toby's nails, dog food, toys, etc. We have managed to slip in and slip out unnoticed by Kathy, even when Kathy was around. We managed this until today, when Kathy was at the store and managing the only register opened.

Kathy awkwardly smiled at me, ignored Caroline and Toby, and just as we were about to be next in line, the next register opened so we swapped lines and were then forced to stand so close to our ex-trainer that I began to sweat, toot, and realize I had not brushed my teeth and it was 3:00 in the afternoon. Wow. Maybe she noticed just how uncomfortable we were. Maybe her inner dog-lover succumbed to our precious friends. Maybe it was the manager checking us out and our nervous staring in her direction yet not at her, that caused her to acknowledge us and invite us to finish intermediate. Regardless, she spoke to us and did not spew hatefulness towards us or our dogs.

Shame lifted.

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april said...

:) do you normally toot when you're nervous? i'm sort of scared to go petsmart now, that is, if i had a pet