Friday, July 11, 2008

Jenkins Extravaganza 2008: STL

Family came in town of which we thoroughly enjoyed. Baseball ruled the hour and by hour I mean the 5 days these people stayed in our house. Only jokes Mom, but you know what they say about fish and company...
The first game was quite miserable. Not only does my mother enjoy baseball less than I enjoy learning to sew but STL weather, Lord help me love it, decided to rain-turned-pour-turned-lighning-turned-thunder-turned so friggin hot because thousands of bodies were stuffed in the walkways of Busch Stadium forcing mother and I to rest in the entry way to the womens bathroom. It smelled and the combination of tiredness, misery, and pewtrid stench caused this: us to look terribly sad and more specifically me to grow several inches and pounds in my neck alone.

Upon taking and viewing this picture we decided it was time to call it quits and so my mom and I left downtown for home to starbucks it up, chat, me fall asleep, and drive back downtown 11:30ish to pick the boys up. Cards won. Whoo-hoo.
Game 2 was forgettable. I can't remember what the girls did, but it was better than sitting through a sad, sad loss to the Mets. Pond scum. My brother is a fan so there was 2 happy souls in the homestead (Chris and Dad: Dad because the Mets win meant a Cards loss).
Game 3 was the 4th. We pre-gamed at the Botanical Gardens and were so mesmerized by the art. She was a big fine woman and we did back that thing up.
We were called out when trying to wade through the water just to touch.
Upon sitting next to a near Cards-Cubs brawl over spilled mustard, we watched Pujols hit his 300th and soon after, the Cards defeated. Dad was happy, Cubbie that he is. So was Mom.
Game 4 was the day game that the girls sadly missed... but Cards prevailed just how it is all meant to be... prevailed? Sure. Fireworks at night in Sublette Park finished off the festivities. Pretty lights!

Thanks for coming to visit family! I know we are far, far, far away so it means a lot!! Chris, next time bring Cathey and that new dog of yours... hint hint, wink wink. Thanks for all the goodness and fun-ness you brought and thanks for loving on C-dawg and T-diddy. They miss your gentle attention and affectionate ways. See how pathetic they are without you?!

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