Monday, March 31, 2008

because I can

I will... brag about my chicken-salad abilities. It rocked and it is so darn delicious.

Barefoot Contessa, I admire you. Your chicken-salad recipe is amazing and for some reason I managed to get through it, without messing the whole dang thing up.

I craved it at lunch... so you know it must be good.

Jordan at it for lunch... which makes him a great hubby and means it actually good. I convince myself that meals are good. I'm a good liar... to myself. But the fact that he drove home from work and made himself a yum-dummily sandwich means it IS good.

I love you chicken-salad and I love you B.C.

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Lisa said...

Can you give us the recipe?? I have been wanting a really good chicken salad recipe! I guess I could look it up on her website - it is just called chicken salad?