Monday, March 31, 2008

I went running, yes I did

And it felt good.

Jordan, Caroline and I suited up, leashed on, and headed down the street. I think running with a dog is good.. while I can't say we ran a *long time*, I can pretend in my heart of hearts we did. I can't tell you that we will run again tonight, but I can say that last night... it felt great.

Momentous, yes you are correct. I hate running. I hate running. I hate, hate, hate running.

I hate it so much that I created a Facebook group about my head-butting relationship with the activity: Running for the sake of running is stupid and should be illegal. I feel that, I really do. But, I became a true hypocrite when I ran, for the sake of going for a run, last night.

I hate it so much that in high school when I was *forced* to train for soccer, I would run in place in our living room to avoid running outside. I convinced myself this was the same as running around the neighborhood. I looked silly. But it was so worth it.

I hate running so much that I made a New Years resolution last year to NOT run/workout.

But last night, a night forever remembered as "the night I ran", I went for a jog.

Good times, great oldies.

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april said...

haha! you should make an easter resolution to run in place in your living room at least once a month, and then report on it on your blog. that is hilarious.