Sunday, January 06, 2008


Dylan aka Mr. Zamir!

Don't want Sweet Caroline to feel left out...

Yesterday while I gallivanted at the eighth wonder of the world known as Hobby Lobby, Jordan ventured to the Human Society in Belleville, IL. He saw and fell in love with Chopper, a dapple dachshund, with one blue eye. After they mingled and he took a video to sell me on the pup, they broke the news that Chopper was already adopted. There were tears, curse words, chairs thrown about, and when he regained his composure he left. Apparently "some girl" went and looked at Chopper earlier, adopted him and went home to prepare Chopper's new home. What a tease.

We thought Chopper was a goner and adjusted our lives as such, until today when Jordan checked the Human Society and saw his page still up. "How could they play with my heart like this?" So he called, and it turned out Chopper was returned.

Return a dog? Who does that?

So, off we went to Belleville to "just look" and an hour and a half later returned with Chopper and enough pet supplies to sink a ship. Caroline appropriately welcomed her to the family by trampling poor wiener dog in the back yard so much that he flipped several times (remember weak back...) and scaring him into serious panic.

Since Caroline is named after that great song, Sweet Caroline, we wanted to continue the tradition and decided on "Dylan". I however am really pushing for "Mr. Zamir" from Will and Grace, so the dog will have two names. Mr. Zamir when he is insolent and Dylan when he is obedient, like Caroline.

**this just in: Dylan snores. It resembles your grandfather.

Names that did not make the cut
1. Boy George
2. Louis Louis
3. Pharaoh
4. Cricket
5. Buddy Holly
6. Marilyn Manson- because that eye is just freaky, and that's that.

We also just decided that we may change the name from Dylan to... something. Mr. Zamir will stay.


leslie. said...

love the new addition :) can't wait to meet Mr. Zamir, haha

i also want to say that the name Cricket is awesome.

one of the 4 said...

cool eye! you were right. i look forward to the meeting of mr zamir. although i'm not sure why pharaoh missed the cut!

Laura said...

Holy crap, that eye is freaky.