Tuesday, January 08, 2008

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I love wikipedia. I really do. They are the provide rs of unfettered knowledge that is rarely 100% accurate. I love it.

Upon our research of the dachshund, even the dapple dachshund, we found this in the "Miscellaneous" section of the Dachshund page on our dear wikipedia:

Having been bred at one point as Wild Boar hounds, the Teckel breed of these dogs have a tendency to roll on their backs. This 'cute behaviour' has rather morbid beginnings. The dog would be sent into the undergrowth, to flush out the boar. The boar would, upon seeing the smaller dog, give chase. The dog would lead the boar towards the huntsman, whereupon it would throw itself upon its back. The boar would then pass over the dog, who would then attempt to either attack the throat or the genitalia of the passing boar, thus wounding the boar sufficiently for the huntsman to kill their prey.[citation needed]

During World War I the dachshunds' numbers declined because they originated in Germany and anything having to do with Germany was disliked. However, the dachshunds' charm brought a resurgence during the Roaring Twenties.[citation needed]

I had no idea that Mr. Zamir's cute behaviour had such *morbid beginnings*!

Oh a less lighter note we found this about our gnashing wiener dog while visiting the vet. As the vet's bedside manner is something to be desired, I kind of appreciate his shoot-it-to-be-straight attitude. He's telling ya... and if you heard the volume in his voice you'd realize he's telling the entire office...

Regarding Mr. Zamir's cough: "It is probably just a human cold, there is a 10% chance it is distemper in which case he has a 50% chance of living. If you find him lying on his side with green puss coming out of his nose, just bring him in and we'll euthanize him."

Not even a blink or breath. Poor boy. I guess good for the wild boars in St. Louis. But, poor Mr. Zamir.

*Oh, and our basement flooded. We felt left out from the other homes in the area that were recently flooded, so I crammed rags and old t-shirts down the drain so last night's storm would surely cause a flood. Sweet.

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