Sunday, December 02, 2007

i'm the fire starter

so whenever i think of ice skating i think of this song. basically because it was poopular, yes poopular, when it was super cool to go to iceline in west chester, pa and skate or watch the henderson h.s. boys hockey team play.

anywho. thanks to april . it was super fun... as are you.

other things that were poopular back in those henderson h.s. days?

lacrosse lanterns being worn at all times; sunflowers; my so called life (that may just be because jessica talked about it last night...); hemp necklaces and the word *wicked* though we all know it was ripped straight from New England.

another fun fact about iceline: it was the fortunate location of the naked zamboni ride on jackass


one of the 4 said...

love it. it makes me laugh every time. what are lacrosse lanterns? weren't frogs becoming big around that time as well? i remember sunflowers and frogs around the same era.

Suzanne said...

the stx things that you could hook your keys to... we used to put our school ids on and wear them backwards all day. we were sooo *it* back then.

Suzanne said...

So let's try *lacrosse lanyards* instead of lanterns. Dur, I am such a nerd.

Brian & Mary Hand said...

I remember IceLine and watching ice hockey games there. Good 'ol West Chester. Fun times. Oh, and I love the Christmas tree!