Sunday, December 02, 2007

raindrops on roses...

so I know it isn't Christmas-ey, but it was stuck in my head the entire time I trimmed the tree yesterday.

Caroline wasn't pleased throughout the process. Her chair was taken by the box of ornaments. Jordan was outside with the leaves.... what's a girl to do? Basically storm the house the entire time, barking and whining until said box is removed from her chair and Jordan is back, safe from his leaves excursion. I think she is pleased with the tree, which pleases me. She looks at it with this glazed wonderment. I think we will find that in most of our guests in the upcoming weeks. Success.

You will have to check back in 2 months and see if I have posted on the tree. Last year we set a record, or had to, on still having the tree up, decorated, needles on and exerting that fantastic pine smell. I think she stood proud in our living-family-den of our Charlotte condo until mid-February. Of course it was a incredible fire hazard for sure. I don't think we watered the thing in weeks and the minute we neared the thing to take off the first ornament all needles fell to the ground. But, she sure was pretty. We had to call the city and make a special pickup for our tree. Jordan walked the walk of shame to the dumpster area where fellow condo owners/renters booed him and threw trash and food at him from their balconies.

He was unmoved.

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