Sunday, November 18, 2007

quick update

what have we been up to? i thought about streaming a series of blogs letting everyone know the ins and outs of j-rock and myself since we apparently dropped off the face of the bloggesphere, because i do love it when fellow bloggers do that. but honestly, and yes i am being quite selfish here, that is just so daunting to me right now. gotta pick up caroline at petsmart... america's top model is on... jordan is leaving in 15 minutes... my mental capacity is only so much.

so, i am going to quickly update you on what went down/on the past month or so.

i continued to hate my job so much that i began looking for a new one- i am sure i will blog more about this one in future days to come as the realization of my not having to stay at my job and letting go of my need to control my life and begin each morning acknowledging God's great guidance in my life has been truly refreshing. **thank you tuesday night bible study for your prayers and words leading me and guiding me to our Father.

oh, and i got a new job.

we are unofficially officially going to covenant pres. i love the picture on their website. check it out.

halloween party. we were hillbillies and the pictures were so grotesquely bad that i cannot post. nightmares people. nightmares.

caroline is fantabulous. love her. she is sick right now, but man... that girldog just tugs at my heart. and yes, i think somewhat preparing me for kids? mothers may chime in.

i miss my marme. i always miss my marme, but a lot recently.

i have fallen for some new tv shows. one will go unnamed as i am sure judgment will follow. the second is the hills. i know it is random, but i am really getting into the whole heidi/lauren saga. "i want to forgive you and then forget you". you can't beat that. and yes, i think spencer did it.

i am in desperate need of some new dinner ideas... preferably chicken/beef. so... if some veterans in the kitchen want to share their talent and knowledge, please... i'm all ears. you can only make sloppy joes and pbj (though jordan makes those) so many nights...

i'm on the laptop, we just got it back, so there are not any pictures uploaded. honestly, i don't know if we have any upstairs on the other 'puter either... but if we do, i'll be sure to upload some. if not, i'll find some cool ones on google and pretend like they are mine.


Anonymous said...

Hey Suzanne,
Congrats on your new job! I'll be praying for your transition...

My newest favorite dish is "shephard's pie" with mashed sweet potatoes on top. We also have "fabulous flapjacks" quite often (for dinner). If Jordan likes waffles, he'll love these! Let me know if you want to know how to make either of them.

I'll miss you on Tuesday,
Lori Snell

Ruth said...

Hey there,
Congrats on the new job! curious as to where it will be, hope it is a better fit.

i'm glad to get an update o your life and hope things continue to get better.

I have some recipes that you might be interested and also check out this link she makes a large variety of foods and gives hints and such, just last night I made a spicy tomotoe soup that she posted and it is good.

will you be around for thanksgiving? want to try and hang out again?

Ruth G.