Monday, November 19, 2007

poor man's meal? my meal.

**So I started this post tonight wanting to... needing to... vent about my current and soon to be previous employer. Just random things, but as I wrote I never felt fulfilled by my writing nor could really come up with anything worth saying other than what you will read below. So, instead I will tell you a neat little tidbit that my dear marme shared with me about meatloaf when I called her this afternoon wondering what I should make for dinner when all I had was ground beef. Her brilliance speaks to both my "duurrrr"-ness in the kitchen and her fabulousness in just about everything.

On a side note: Mom, you rock. Again and again I think this and I hope one of these days you'll just bounce out of bed and say, "World.... I ROCK!" because you do. That can be both a literal and figurative *jump*

Things I won't miss about my current employer:

While my commutes end comes with great sorrow, I will not miss the morning traveler who uses the lane that is not farthest to the left, but right next to it, as a turning lane to turn left. Why? Why? Yes, I repeat why? There is a perfectly good EMPTY lane for you to place your purty little car and turn left. But rather, you stay in the lane to the right of the left lane that is intended to be used to turn, and turn. Sometimes you even change lanes before turning. That makes even less sense... and driver, it makes me angry. It makes me angry at your car, it makes me angry at your city... it makes me angry at you. I have never experienced this, ever, until driving in downtown St. Louis. I think it could be deemed illegal. I think you could be deemed illegal. And perhaps should.

Meatloaf. I meant to take a picture of the cuteness that my meatloaf became tonight. In a frenzy I called homebase, speedial 3, and asked what on earth I could make for dinner. Ground beef and... er... that's about it. Our house is not known to stock food, or whatever normal people do. We have frozen waffles, enough Gatorade to sink a ship, chocolate chips, and random crackers. But other than that I can't really "throw a meal together" even if I knew how. But my Mom was just brilliant. She suggested meatloaf and while that may not be that brilliant-- watch yourselves-- she realized my time constraint and inability to *wait*. Pop them in muffin pan and bake them for 15 minutes! How cute! How fast! How fun! So, off I went and they were ready just as Jordan arrived home.

This may not be as fun of a post for those of you who knew of the muffin pan trick, but dude, I was just in awe of it's speedy awesomeness. I'm like the Jack McFarland to the kitchen- does that even make sense? I don't know, it was a stretch, but... regardless... thanks Mom.

Christmas with the Chapell's in 3 days. I just bought some wrapping paper from Target and purchased one of the final 2 gifts... I'm excited. I love this time of year.

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