Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Jordan was on the phone with a blackberry service tech tonight and while they waited for his phone to turn back on she asked how the weather was where we are.

"It's funny because today's high was in the 70's but tomorrow night we are expected to get freezing rain with the low being in the 20's."

And in her deep Kentucky drawl she remarked, "And people wonder why we run around like monkeys..."

For no apparent reason both Jordan and I have been flipped off the past two days. Yesterday the guy in front of me, who I didn't even notice until he was turning, rolled down his window and just shot his skinny little arm in the air and saluted me.
Tonight in the drive-thru line at Lions Choice (bad choice if you ask me), a car came flying up behind us, screeching to a halt... and proceeded to flip us off while speaking ever so kindly to us in that not-so-kind way.

I think that Kentucky lady was onto something...

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