Saturday, November 17, 2007


last night jordan and i did what feels just so normal to us both. we did a craigslist did, and it felt so good. now, charlotte friends of ours, this wasn't one of those crazy lets-buy-to-sell deals. nor did we encounter any strange men who's bedroom lighting consisted of one strobe light and his decor was nothing more (ha that rhymed..) than the run of the mill shrunken head... except, make that heads.. this was a retired man in tower grove who was just normal. we are heading back this morning for the pedestal sink. i am super excited. the tub is fantabulous. i enclosed a picture from the ad. picture it for yourself without the drain and knobs or whatever you call them. he was so sweet too... providing the names of different business that will "chrome" the feet for a reasonable fee. i like this man.

so we have a tub in our unfinished basement, today we will have the sink. now we just need to finish the darn thing...

by the by, it feels good to be back. i have lots to catch you up on. i'm hoping that will come. but for now, i am tending to my daughter dog. she is a pathetic sick, just like me. boo-freaking-hoo.


Ramona Lisa said...

Sorry you and sweet Caroline are ailing! Hope you're better soon. By the way...TAG, you're it! Check my blog for the rules. Later, diva!

Dirks said...

thank you and welcome back...sweet tub!