Monday, October 22, 2007

sunday sermon

it was like he knew just what was on my heart...


Lance and Heather said...

Hello, we are friends with Matt and Alina and we’ve started a new website ( Check it out. If you like it, we would love for you to post it as a permanent link on your blog so that others can view it as well. Thanks so much, Lance and Heather

one of the 4 said...

hey, sorry i left tonight without saying goodbye! bad timing. i had fun. great costumes! i don't know if any of us could beat the 'utters' but still, it was worth a shot.

Cyndi Brinkerhoff said...

Hello My Dear Friend Suzanne,
I enjoy reading your blog more than I can say. I miss our conversations about faith and Christ. In reading your 10/19 entry, I found myself saying out loud "me too!" with each passing word I read. I have such a longing to feel the light, divine guidence and love of Christ, and I have begun my journey, but it's very hard and I miss you more and more each day. I still have so much to learn from you and Jordan, but I was afraid of being rejected by Christ for my sins and past failure to the Christian Faith.
I wanted you to know that you do no "completely suck at being a light to The Light" because you were the light that shined in my life, in my heart and you warmed my soul with your light. You were (and still are) the light that began my spiritual journey, and I will always be thankful.
I love you & Jordan!

Dirks said...

okay Suzanne let's get blogging.