Friday, August 17, 2007

my day

the beginning: trying to begin my merge onto I-44 (farty far) i am stopped behind 5 cars. the car in front of me, a small black civic, is a girl with long black hair pulled back. she looks in her rear view mirror and begins waving to me in a rather excited way. i stare. she continues, trying harder as if this will get me to acknowledge her. i continue to stare. my inconsiderate staring grants a right arm over the passenger headrest and a half-turn towards me... now facing me... continued waving in an even more exited manner. i stare still, cockeyed, hoping this will prove to her that i have no flipping idea who she is. frustrated she thrusts her arms in the air giving up and we begin our merge onto the highway.

the middle: coming back from lunch at max and erma's we ascend to our office via elevator 3. it is just the trio and as i am looking at all the unpressed floor buttons i am reminded of elf and impulsion takes over. so, just before the door opens i press the remaining floors going up and we leave. i did not expect to find a delivery man waiting to get on the elevator going up and i did not expect to hear him as i turned the corner exclaim, "ah @#&$! are you kidding me?!"

the end: to be continued. there are six sweet hours left in this day and we are headed out to a rocking part-a where lots can go down.

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