Saturday, August 18, 2007

thistle be the year

From September's issue of Real Simple: Mysteries of Fashion
Who invented the sports bra? In 1977 University of Vermont student Lisa Lindahl was running 30 miles a week- and her bra wasn't holding up. With the help of two classmates, Lindahl sewed together two jock straps and - presto!- the sports bra was born. The coeds founded the company Jogbra a year later, garnering eternal gratitude from exercise-loving women everywhere. Almost 40,000 sports bras are now sold annually.

My freshman year at Covenant Chris Smith creatively suggested the Lady Scots should market the team through sports bras. This is funny for two reasons, the first being obvious. The second because of what would actually be on the bra. Since the college's symbol was a thistle, a picture of a thistle would be prominently displayed on the front of the bra and written on the back would be "thistle be the year".

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