Monday, August 20, 2007


i think God was showing me/teaching me/revealing to me the idiocy that is me when i drive as i came home today. it was a rare drive from the office to s. 59th street. it is a cool 80 degrees, overcast, and the sprinkles were casting down on the car. i left rps a bit later than usual so there were a bit more cars on the road. normally i am the one cutting off cute old ladies that have no business being on the highway at rush hour. i am also the biznitch who is showing up other biznitches who think they are queens on the road. just ask jordan, i own every paved road in this country. i did when i was 16 and i do now. sea to freaking shining sea... it is all mine.

i admit, there are times that i should show a tad more consideration to those around me, but my rationalization is those around me should show a tad more logic and consideration for me.

but today was unusual. with the amount of cars on the road i decided to just play cool. i was in the left lane, zooming along and realized i had no real reason to rush home. jordan was still at work. i really have no plans for dinner so the longer i take in the car the longer i have to mentally put something together (pbj and mac&cheese... yes!). just as i was coming to this epiphany, i see this soft top jeep, windows off (or down, whichever). the guy's arms are tan and you can tell he is blond. his work shirt is rolled up just past his elbows signifying it isn't really his style... this guy is chill. i loved seeing it, not him, it. he wasn't this corporate snob or sucker like most of us... he was different. moments later i see this late 90's accord cut the car off to the right of the jeep, shoot in front of him, slam on his brakes, and then out of his sunroof shoots this ginormous middle finger. i glanced over at the jeep- still chill, unmoved. i approach the accord and i swear to you he was about to have an aneurysm. i chuckled a little, which probably wasn't the smartest thing to do to someone who is obviously upset, but then i realized i was him. or at least he is me with a little more guts. oh that thought disgusted me! then i feel this little tug in my heart telling me, reminding me to just slow down and be freaking considerate.


Beth said...

your blog is soo entertaining!! I read it at work sometimes:) I hope you both are doing well. We missed you at the wedding. Hopefully we can catch up at some time. Have a great day!

Rebecca said...

Oh, my-you-are-just-like-me word! You are hilarious, Suz. I have started to turn a new leaf as far as the driving is concerned. I am quite certain that noone is nearly as concerned as I, that I have a fraction of a minute to get to my destination. I also have my sweet babies in the I try to leave a few minutes early, too. (When I can make that happen :) )
Your blog makes me smile, Suz and makes my day.