Wednesday, August 22, 2007

i named my ipod layla, fool

in an effort to reduce the all-too-annoying, nails-down-a-chalkboard, ear-piercing voice that is my neighbor in the office... i have resorted to the ipod at work. while most the secretaries have mini radios that play outloud for all to hear, i decided i cannot imagine listening to that all day long. but then again, i detest the radio.

three reason why the radio should never be played outloud in a work environment
a. it is the radio and that should be enough to never ever ever ever ever do it. period.
b. it is outloud, so it bothers everyone else, i.e. me.
c. because everything should be in threes, there should be a "c", but since i cannot come up with a third argument i am simply just writing nonsense.

my ipod is a smaller one holding only select songs that kept me content on my single mile drive to and from work in charlotte. this will not be sufficient for 7.5 hours of work each day, so i wooed my man lover into letting me take his beast of an ipod in for the past several days. of course i am fearful that everyone and their mother is going to take it each time i go to the bathroom (so i hide it... sneaky sneaky) and yes, i waste a good 30 minutes each day just picking out the next song (oh no, a con for ipod and pro for radio. stinkers), but it has been a great decision and me and ipod have worked very well together.

i know you are all wondering what i listened to today, so i took the liberty in my not-so-busy day, to jot down songs and albums that blessed my ears throughout the day. because i was trying to maximize rps' money spent on me, i selected the songs in abc order.

1. eric johnson: cliffs of dover
i was missing jordan early in the day, so i put on this song to start my music listening day. i pictured him playing it on his parker and tried to picture him now playing it on the les paul. it was lovely, in that rockstar sort of way.

2. fergie: glamorous
i thought of april because of a blog she did about this song. my thoughts then shifted to jordan and i driving on independene in charlotte just after we downloaded this song. we were driving to todd and rebecca's- windows down and singing as best we could. some of the words were naughty because i downloaded the "explicit version".

3. the fratellis: costello music
got through most of this album and really enjoyed it. i needed a lift me up and since i was out of all my uppers, i thought, "i don't need drugs, i have music"

4. gavin degraw: chariot, stripped
the effects of music-only quickly faded/subsided and i realized that i needed something. it wasn't time for coffee yet, so i put on some chill music, hence the stripped version, and did something at work- though i can't remember what.

5. moulin rouge: come what may
coffee in hand i listened to several versions of this song. i freaking love this song and i love this movie! juls and i went to paris and saw the actual moulin rouge... it was pretty awesome. i wish ewan mcgregor was singing when we were walking up. that would have been icing on the cake. cake would have been nice too since we were broke no thanks to that thief in nice. curses.

6. adam sandler's snl lunch lady land skit
yes it is not a song, but my hilarious co-worker was singing this song so i quickly googled it and the rest is history. "navy beans, navy beans, navy beans"

7. styx: come sail away
i almost always listen to this song. it has become a staple. lifts my spirits no matter what.

8. third eye blind: motorcycle drive by
oh high school, the pain and sorrow that was. this is such a great driving song- har har- and it reminds me of driving on the mountain, down the west brow, clove in hand, windows down... good times. but high school... those were the days. red box on wheels... three notch... this album was it.

9. toad the wet sprocket: walk on the ocean (and whatever the album name is...)
most vivid memory is summer in roanoke, va after my freshman year at covenant. i would listen to this album each night when i was going to bed. sad summer.

my day was then over. till tomorrow, though i think i will have my ipod, layla as i like to call her, back in my arms.

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