Sunday, August 19, 2007

arousing bouquet

i bet long before jordan married me he never dreamed of going to a wine tasting, let alone 2 within 2 years. i know that isn't much for you winos out there, but for a man who describes his relationship wine as "having a fundamental misunderstanding as to what tastes good", this is 2 too many.

last night we, or i, had the delightful opportunity of joining noel and elissa at their friend's house for a missouri wine tasting. it was so impressive! we walked up to this historical home in u-city that caused me to drool as i scanned the wall coverings, furniture selection, plants about... and then... we walked into the dining room where 16 of the show-me states' finest winery's bottles stood, waiting for our parched mouthes to taste. clif (who in my dream... spelled his name "clifthe") was so articulate and knowledgeable. i certainly enjoy wine, but i am not someone who knows much about it. sad thing is, my a.d.d. and consumption of wine allowed me to forget 99% of what i supposedly learned. jordan may not enjoy wine, but he's intelligent enough to retain the knowledge gained from last night. strategery... that's how we roll.

so my dream... it was a combination of what was going to be tonight's competition and last night's adventure. there has been a summer-long, trash-talk blah blah blah going on between jordan, belmont, and donny and three girls from st. louis regarding their knowledge of friends trivia. we were going to host a friends scene it to resolve who knows more. sad thing is, two of the three girls went back to college. i and leslie s. were going to sub-in so the game could still take place.
anywho... last night as i was walking up to the little girl's room i passed through the kitchen and saw on the chalkboard "happy birthday clif" or at least i remember there only being on "f" in his name. so in my dream we were all sitting around after the wine tasting and playing some trivia and someone asked,
"how do you spell clif's name?" and i screamed, " c-l-i-f" and jordan stands up and points his finger at me exclaiming, "wrong! it is "c-l-i-f-t-h-e, the t-h-e are silent! ha ha". and that was my dream. i think his laugh was similar to wallace shawn's in the princess bride.
"you only think i guess wrong! that's what is so funny! i switched glasses while your back was turned you fool! you fell for one of the classic blunders. the most famous is never get involved in a land war in asia, but only slightly well less known is this... never go in against a sicilian when death is on the line. ah, hahahahaha... hahahha...... hahaha"
of course jordan didn't quote the princess bride, he just laughed like vizzini.

i love random dreams that link two things like that.

moving along...

we strung up lights on our lower porch this week. while it has been too hot for us to use the area, it brings me great joy to know that it is there... waiting for us to dine there when it gets cooler. i think it just looks lovely, so we took a field trip down there to capture all the loveliness for you to see.

to flash
or not

another exciting part of this weekend was our trip to home depot on saturday. i find myself lost in the garden center. since it has been a bit cooler, their selection has grown, so that was exciting. i am so clueless though. when i grew bored of just looking aimlessly i found the nearest lady for help, described what i wanted in the most vague way I could and she said, "what about a mum? do you like mums?"
"i have no idea, what are they?"
apparently you don't ask that. apparently you are supposed to know what a mum is. and apparently this (below) is a mum.
my not-knowing and her informing me of what it was, where it was, and why i had to have it sucked so much mental energy and time, i just had to purchase it, the hangy thing, and the stake that it hangs on. nevermind the fact that it is too heavy and is about to snap it in half, she got that purchase.

i liked her though. she looked like she belonged on the cape.


elissa said...

ooh, love the porch elights. we were so glad that you guys came with us to the wine tasting -- it was way more fun to surreptitiously compare tasting notes with someone not-as-serious as noel.

Anonymous said...

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Thanks for writing this blog, loved reading it