Sunday, July 29, 2007

Ocean Potion

Growing up I remember my absurdly tan friend saying, in her oh-so optimistic voice, "We can still tan when it's overcast... ". I can also remember my mother saying, "You burn more when it is overcast... ". I never understood or believed either comment. I don't know if I do now and I partially blame my sunburn on Ocean Potion (what???), being in the working world (who can tan when you work 8-5?) and finally I blame my burnt legs on being a soccer player for 18 years (those flipping shin guards still haunt me). I... I.... I... take NO responsibility, and that's that.

Day 2: Kayaks rented

Mary Cait and Dad.
Rebecca watching her boys.
Hannah in her "one size fits most" life jacket and Adam in his "one size fits most" life jacket.
Hannah dared to let me and Cathey take her out in the water, so the three of us embarked on a 10 minute journey about 10 yards from the beach. We saw lots of jellyfish.

The two that made this week happen.

All in all it was another great day. The boys had another golf outing as the girls relaxed on the beach. We ended the night with a casual game of Apples to Apples followed by a ferocious game of Catch Phrase: Guys v. Girls. Thankfully the girls won, probably because Jordan wasn't there:) He is so brilliant... and... clutch... and brilliant... and hot...and brilliant...I'm a tad biased.

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