Sunday, July 29, 2007

The sun came out! Burn baby Burn!

Woe is me. I was out in the sun too long. Ocean Potion defeated me and I am undone.

Day 3 was a gorgeous day- barely a cloud in the sky! I beginning to be deep into my book at this time (The Last Promise by Richard Paul Evans). This is a remarkable event... I do not read. And, what is more, I finished it! On the plane, flying over Missouri I finished the book that I started just 2 or 3 days earlier! I totally recommend it, but at this point in my reading career, I recommend anything.

Mary Cait and Jacob, playing in the sand.
Cathey and Chris
Hannah, "open water Aunt Suzzy?"

Dinner Out: Seafood Restaurant, Port Saint Joe
The Family.
The girls.
Mom and Dad: Thank you for making this happen! You guys rock!

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