Sunday, July 29, 2007

Beach Trips

Growing up we would travel to the North Carolina coast, south to Ocean Isle beach. As my brother and I began the middle and high school years, my older sisters were married and down south. With everyone's hectic schedules we were unable to make our yearly beach trip to Ocean Isle. Since then, we made one or two trips back there, but it was justdifferent. We finally said goodbye to our beach and began looking for a new one.

Cape San Blas was fabulous. I flew down for only 3 short days, and still managed to get 3rd degree burns in the most peculiar places (who burns on their lower left leg, just above the outer kankle?), but it was wonderful. The house was just big enough for our behemoth clan, we were right on the beach, and the weather was superb.

Day 1: This was the beginning of my buuuuurning. ouchie. As Jenn was Neutrogena-ing me up in the 45 SPF I said, "45! I might as well stay indoors Jenn!" Well, I should have. 45 on my pasty white skin was obviously not enough.
Our first night we just chilled- played games, I think, and ate a fabulous meal prepared by Chris and Cathey. Gorgeous evening.

Home is being with family and home is sitting and talking over coffee. Over the years my sister Jenn has given up coffee only to have her youngest sister persuade her to pick it back up again. I find so much comfort in being around family, being around Jenn, and seeing that cup of coffee in hand... chatting away about nothing and everything... reliving stories we've told too many times to count, laughing each time like it was the first time we've heard it. I love this picture of Jenn... it captures her casualness and her love of company.
Jacob, ready to go hunting.
Adam and Mary Cait.

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