Sunday, June 03, 2007

all's well that ends well

So here is me this afternoon...

Knowing that tomorrow morning at 8:30 CST I start work at Rabbitt, Pitzer and Snodgrass, there was a great need for a second visit to our lovely out-of-the-way storage. The shoes had to be found and they had to be found today. Not tomorrow. Today. So after a lovely church service at Covenant Pres we headed over to the choir cookout (we jump right into church involvement...) at the Huffman's for some chit-chat and then to a quick Craigslist deal and then made the long trek to the U-Haul store.

A quick note about the creativity on the name "U-Haul". Yes, we do haul it ourselves. U-Haul as in YOU HAUL and we will help in no way whatsoever. Good one guys. As we were making our 12 hour drive from Charlotte to St. Louis and I was staring at the orange sign for the thousandth time I thought, "huh... we really are hauling it".

So we made it to the storage and after pulling almost all the boxes out and cutting them open to feel what was inside there stood one lone, awkward box. It beckoned me. It called me by name. It said, "Lady, you need me, you want me, you will lose your temper and possibly lose friendships if you ignore me. Open me and see all the glorious riches I hold". Maybe that is a bit too far, but I opened the box and yes, there inside were all my shoes. Slap me in the face and call me Charlie.

All's well that ends well.

Earlier in the day as we were discussing our upcoming move into the house we discussed "the dog". Now some of you know that this is an interesting subject for the two of us. Jordan would love to have a small dog, one that can sit in his lap like his sister's dog Cali (a shitzu poodle). I prefer a larger dog (watchdog Juls) much like a great dane. So it has been interesting as we talk this one out. As we have been living with his family we have discussed this matter several times. Last night at the dinner table as we were figuring out how we won't come to an agreement on a particular dog I jokingly said, "Instead of compromising in our marriage, we will just buy two. That's a good standard, right?". Everyone chuckled and the joke was a success.

Today Jordan and I were talking about what would happen if we did compromise. Our thoughts: I would hate his dog and never give it (not him or her... ) attention/food/love and visa versa. That's just how we are. We accept it as truth for this particular situation and we are at total peace with it. We have to buy two dogs. It isn't a decision that needs further thought. Our response to it all? A book entitled, One for Each of Us, A Worldly Response to Each for the Other. I think it is healthy to laugh at your own jokes (often) and we laughed the entire way home at this one. I cannot take credit for it, this was entirely Jordan's... and it was downright hysterical.

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Micah said...

Way to work your Padre-in-law's book into all this. You Chapell's are always selling something...