Saturday, June 09, 2007

restful weekend

5:30 Friday could not have come any sooner. Jordan and I finished our first week of work in St. Louis and were completely exhausted. It has been great being back, but with both of us being sick and not living in our own place, we were certainly ready for the weekend.
After a fabulous meal with the family (thank you Kathy!) we headed to Forest Park to the Art Museum. I could go into great detail about what we saw, but... I neither remember nor am the proper person to do such thing. I am appreciate art, so I will just tell you that it was lovely. As you can see from below we had fun imitating certain sculptures. Most of the pictures did not turn out as we imagined them in our minds and the security guards did not really *appreciate* our creativity. Well poo on you.
We finished the evening listening to some guitar player while enjoying some wine and dessert. Lovely. The night was perfect.

Saturday was quite leisurely as we slept in till 11:00 and sat outside reading until almost 2:00. Jordan found a great wicker set for our soon-t0-be porch and we made a quick dash to south county to seal the deal and then it was time to get ready for dinner.
I wish I had pictures from our Saturday evening with the Weichbrodt's. We had such a great dinner with them, and every intention of capturing those moments (as we have become obsessive with taking pictures), but just forgot. Jordan lived on 5th South at Covenant with Noel but we didn't get to know them as a couple until we participated in a small group with the Kapic's back on Lookout in 2006. Ironically, all three couples (the Crusey's as well) are in St. Louis now.

Sunday we drove Donny and Belmont by our house. Belmont was so excited about it, he just had to throw his leg up over his head. And there you have it.


Beth said...

Hey Suzanne! Great to hear from you. Your blog is really cute. Amusing to read while at work;) We are sad we won't see you at the wedding, but excited to see Jordan. Hope we can hang out some time soon. Your new house is adorable! Congrats!!

elissa said...

Hey, thanks for feeding my husband while I was gone ;) I can't wait to see your house...we had such fun with you guys at ours!