Wednesday, May 23, 2007

treat yourself

Tonight... this weekend... next weekend... sometime, you should treat yourself and someone else to Capital Grille. Their strawberry cheesecake is absolutely delicious.
This dessert is so good in fact, I woke up thinking about it. Am I obsessed? Yes. And, I am quite comfortable with that. While you are at it, order a Stoli martini. Fantastic.

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Brian & Mary Hand said...

Hey Suz!

How are you?!! I found your blog through Amy Claire's. It's great to "read up" on you and Jordan. I hope the move is going well.

Well, I must second the rave review for Capital Grille. We have one in Philly, and I had one of the best steaks ever there. I'll have to try the cheesecake!

Take care friend,
Mary Hand (Ohanian)