Sunday, May 20, 2007

farewell lifegroup

Home is where the St. Louis Cardinals Stadium is. I think that is what is knitted or crosstitched on some pillow. Did you know St. Louis is the gateway to the West? Jesus is the gateway to Heaven and freedom of sin. Isn't that ironic that both St. Louis and Jesus are gateways? Just some food for thought.

Oh, prophetic hat. You hang lonely amid boxes.

Last night we had a fabulous time at the Dirk's house. They threw us a going away party and it was truly memorable.
When we joined that lifegroup back in July we instantly felt at home. The dynamic and sincerity of the group was something that really drew us in. What also drew us in was that they fed us each Sunday night. It drastically decreased our grocery bill. It just felt like home. We have looked forward to meeting with them and interacting... sharing... learning... discussing each Sunday night. I feel strengthened, encouraged and convicted because of these people. And last night was just wonderful having our "goodbye". We had a cookout and just sat around and talked with one another. I will truly miss them. This group is a rarity.

Jordan, Daniel and Tyler played some mean frisbee. I really wish we had pictures of that action. There was a point when the "playing" stopped and the "game" started. They really it rocked out. I must say, my husband throws a wicked frisbee. It was one of my prouder moments:)
Some pictures captured from the night... and by some I mean all that Tyler sent me.

Carrie, Virginia, Lydia, Maggie and Misty
Ashley and Carrie
Nate and Michael
Michael, Jordan and Nate
The Cardinals fans of the group- Daniel and Jordan
aw... aren't we lovely?
Virginia and Daniel
me and Lisa. When I first met Lisa we were doing the usual small talk, "so where did you grow up..." and I mentioned being from outside Philadelphia. She immediately said, "what high school did you attend?" "Oh Delaware County Christian School" "Really, I knew one person from that school... Devon Montomery" I mean what are the odds that Lisa would know one person from my high school and that person would be my best friend. So ironic.
David and Brad

Maggie. No this is not from the cookout, but it is an adorable shot of the newest member of our lifegroup. She sometimes sleeps through our discussions, but that's ok.


Tyler said...

I found your blog! And, might I add that that is one cute baby you have pictured. We love you guys, we'll miss you...
carrie and tyler and magsters

trish said...

Hey Chapells! I am sorry I missed your going away party! I will definitely miss you!