Saturday, May 19, 2007

year deux

Tuesday Jordan and I celebrated our two year anniversary. Because we are in the the middle of a move (and ironically last year we were in the middle of one as well) it was a bit hectic. We were both exhausted and almost did not make our reservations to dinner. Oh the suspense, right? We napped before going out. There was absolutely no way we would make it through an entire meal awake in our condition... we had to. And when we woke, we drove to Selwyn Avenue and dined at Nolen's and had a fabulous meal.

There is a small art gallery in Noda that we have enjoyed visiting since we have arrived in Charlotte. Back in November we found a series of small framed paintings an artist had of Seattle, New York and Charlotte. We instantly fell in love with them. We took her card with the intention of contacting her to paint a St. Louis piece. We never contacted her and I lost her card. When our anniversary rolled around and we were thinking of gifts for one another we thought about our leaving Charlotte and remembered that artist. Suddenly the Queen City piece was a bit more appealing.

Marriage is a wonderful journey. We often say we "highly recommend it", and I do. I love my husband.

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