Saturday, September 17, 2011

{short stories from the early years}

October 31, 1989

The Haunted Room

In my neat room there is a vampire! "He sucks blud!" He comes out every night. He has long sharp teeth. I will feed him fish. He can add. He will kill you. He has black hare. He wears a big red hat. He will scare my mom. My mom grounds him for one day.


I am Suzanne. I am seven years old. I have a dog. His name is Mufin. My birthday is July 20. I have two sisters and a brother. My favorite song is The New Kids On The Block. My subject is school. My favorite color is green. My hobby is coloring.


October 11, 1989

The Cool Dude Pumpkin has a vary cool hat. He has a cool broomstick. He has a show like a bat. The Dude likes bats and fish. I take The Cool Dude to the circus. The Cool Dude pumpkin likes reading a lot.

I would like to point out that the 1st story received a Great Story! So Nice, the second Very Good, Suzanne! So Nice, whereas the last walked away with just a Good. I would have probably offered up a bit more enthusiasm on the last one. 
I am not sure what to make of fish being the meal of choice in these stories. First to the vampire and later to The Cool Dude Pumpkin. Interesting since I have never enjoyed eating fish. Maybe I disliked The Cool Dude Pumpkin as much as I feared the vampire? 

I do appreciate my mother stepping in and grounding the vampire. The punishment fits the crime. Thanks Mom! 

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