Saturday, September 10, 2011

{fireplace drama}

I love fireplaces. In a huge way. While we have not actively used a fireplace in... um... 5 years, I still envision cozying up by the fire with a good magazine and a hot cup of coffee. Can I get an Amen!

Jordan would prefer to not be cozy (or even use the word cozy) and just drink gatorade.

Unfortunately for us we are unable to use our fireplace in it's current condition. That's ok, we knew that buying the house. So what do we do with a working fireplace that is unlined and uncleaned that also happens to be hideously ugly? Well, we thought we'd replicate one of the below images.

Problem is that Jordan and I are NOT readers. In a huge way. Other than a handful of books we really just browse internet articles and peruse through magazines and blogs.

We are hugely illiterate so both must have images, obviously.

And so the thought that we could fill up our fireplace with books, well that's just silly. So we turned to our vintage TV cabinet and decided to fill it with books.

All of our books.

Like we have no other books in our house.

So, while the fireplace is still a work in progress I am quite pleased with this cabinet. Plus the center book is a real keeper.


KT said...

2 things- now I know you really were telling the truth about y'all not being big readers! And 2, I've wanted to read that center book for ages!!

april said...

i can't believe you. shock and admiration mix

Mama Hutch said...

i think most of our belongings are books! you guys are awesome.