Thursday, July 21, 2011

{random catching up}

Oh, dear.

Let's start with the forehead.

I mean seriously.

And look at that face Tobias is making.

It reminds me of a scene out of The Ring.
Except I now have to quickly think of something else because that

It has been a quietly busy time at the homestead. Jordan is helping a friend celebrate at a bachelor party and I'm packing up for a trip to Nashville tomorrow.

Girl time.
Big Lar.

Does it get any better than that? Well probably. If this guy were accompanying me it would.

I can already tell they miss me.

Caroline won't even know I'm gone.

This evening I saw her force a squirrel off the fence, into her path. These are city fences guys... so tall. I'm pretty impressed by this. Thankfully our lush, green yard kept me from seeing it fully play out. But I think the squirrel escaped.

But it was kind of hard to tell. Our backyard is a jungle. Friends and neighbors can vouch.

A dear friend is visiting next week. Can't wait to see her and that cute little kid of her's.

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