Saturday, August 28, 2010

{what we've been up to lately}

lots of this:
*scooting from church to lunch*

*scooting to monday's soccer game*

some of this:

*tricks for treats*

*tattooing toby*

a couple days of this:
*uncovering our hidden treasure, i.e. what has now consumed our lives*

with breaks in between of this:

*mucho mustache*


and finding discovering searching for our sanity
by partaking in things like this:
our apologies, caroline was unable to attend any napping sessions because she was busy barking at the back door, the empty fence, and her reflection in the window.

1 comment:

Maillardville Manor said...

Too cute!!! Loving these puppy pictures :)
Thanks so much for your comment on our blog! and for sharing in the excitement!!
So glad I came by to say thanks, Love your doggy!!!