Friday, March 19, 2010

{toby is back into the arms of his lover}

Today was a good day.

It was sunny.
An absolutely beautiful day. Windows open, lunch on the porch sort of day.

Jordan returned from his DC/Philly adventure.
Jordan was in my old hometown, driving down 202, a stone's throw from my old house! He experienced Wawa for the first time and is now forever changed. Obviously. His trip also means we are now owners of two bags of Wawa coffee. Score!

I recanted my "How's my driving?" complaint from earlier this week.
I am less of a patient driver than the world needs me to be... I get that. And sure I am partially to blame (Hello Croatian-taxi-driver-in-NYC training)... but I am the youngest in the family and as we all know, being the youngest means *no responsibility*

In my defense, I've come a long way. Living in the south for 7 years with 5 of those years ascending and descending Lookout Mountain behind SEE ROCK CITY and RUBY FALLS visitors, you have to acquire some patience. And I have. A little.

But I am not the driver of a car that says HOW'S MY DRIVING? Dude bro was. And honestly, his driving sucked. He cut me off. And he slammed on his brakes to turn... like right after cutting me off. The nerve, right?! And it was so fast I didn't have time to honk my horn or to anything else I would be ashamed of. The only time I had was to read the bumper sticker, text it to my husband, and call in and report him. You know, split second response. And I did call in. And I did report him. And I was proud. And then I felt guilty.

So I called the number back again tonight and recanted my complaint. The guy on the other end didn't believe me at first. But he took down the information again, wondered aloud if the driver was already fired (that helped with the guilt), and thanked me for being the first person in the history of driving complaints to recant. He then wondered aloud if the guy still had his job... if his wife left him for losing his job... and if he is now unable to be with his kids because he lost his job and his wife left him. He really did wonder aloud all those things. And I asked him to call the company of the man who was driving and beg them to give him his job back. And I asked him to find his wife and beg her to return to her husband. And of course, I asked him to make sure the guy can see his kids again.

Moral of the story: DON'T CALL IN AND COMPLAIN. Heed my warning! This is coming from someone who thinks everyone's driving is far inferior to my own. And for the record, your driving is far inferior. I promise. But do not call! Do not get the guy fired! Do not cause the guy's wife to leave him! Do not be the reason the guy is unable to see his kids! And stop texting while you are driving!

We had both Fro-Yo and The Cupcakery tonight.
Can't decide? Have both! We drove to Fro-Yo and then straight to The Cupcakery. We double fisted and it was AMAZING!

New Moon
New Moon comes out in like ONE HOUR... oh the anticipation. I'm trying to persuade Jordan into downloading the $20 version from iTunes... wish me luck:)


april said...

all drivers are also inferior, to me. i constantly have to repent about what's going through my head while driving

Chris said...

Coming from someone who drives a "moving billboard", please don't call in our bad driving to begin with! It is the worst, trying to defend myself against a faceless/nameless person, just ticks me off so much! But I guess if I cut someone off and slammed on my brakes, I don't have an excuse.