Saturday, March 13, 2010

{on falling down}

There were tears. There was blood. There was screaming.

I fell down the stairs this morning, slipping on the very generic bottle of Windex I used earlier. My lower back smashed against the wood steps. My right elbow landed on the picture frames I placed there earlier. And I shouted. Jordan thought I broke my arm. Or my leg. Or both.

Turns out it was nothing more than minor cuts to my elbow and some broken picture frames, both accompanied by foul language. There was no one to blame but myself.

Except those steps. Those darn steps!

B.B. King is helping me recover. Emotionally.

Cabernet Sauvignon
is also helping me recover. Physically.


the Halvorsons said...

Ouch! Glad nothing got broken...other than the frames. I fell down the stairs when I was 8 months pregnant with Karsten...lots of foul language. :) those darn steps. hope you're doing well. miss you!!

Amanda said...

glad it was not worse, i fall down stairs all the time, it's not fun.