Sunday, February 07, 2010

{sweet blissful non-football drama}

The superbowl is supposedly going on right now. I really wouldn't know except for the random facebook updates. I have on Lifetime, or did. I'm currently switching back and forth between The Weather Channel and recorded shows of Will and Grace. A guilty pleasure, I know, but Jack is about to become Student Nurse Jack McFarland.

Side note, I did just write "bowel" there. It took a good minute for me to decide that bowel, though the theme of 2009, is not correct.

Remember Toby's heart-shaped surprise last month? We made them into postcards and sent them to some special friends. I expect the postcards to be hanging on the fridge when we visit next.

I'm looking at you C and J.

Well I guess that wasn't a true *sidenote* because that's all I got. That and Toby sleeping soundly next to me.

For the record... for anyone that cares in the slightest... Jordan isn't home, the superbowl is being recorded and he will be watching it tonight. I would never force him to watch Lifetime over the game. The Bachelor, yes... The Bachelor is real life. But not Lifetime... it is fake life.


leslie the young mother said...

Lifetime and reruns of Will and Grace are wonderful husband-isn't-home things to watch. But I'm so glad Toby's there to keep you company :)

Amanda said...

love will and grace! and the Bach is TOTALLY real....seems like you and i should watch tv together! =)

Josh and Corinne said...

Girl--that postcard has been hanging front and center on our fridge since the day we got it!!!