Wednesday, February 17, 2010

{87 pounds}

My parents came to visit last weekend.

This is a huge event considering there are no children in our home to hug and spoil. We are mere 9-5 working folk. But we offer two dogs with personality, one of which frequently poops and pees on the floor. We also offer laughing. Lots of ridiculous laughing about ridiculous things... like dogs that poop and pee inside.

Oh it was a lovely visit! They oohhh'd and aaahhhh'd over the new house (#1 requirement of parents visiting, yes?), walked the streets of the new neighborhood, ventured to trivia night at church and even tackled a few home projects! Mom and I cooked like Julia Childs and we all gorged ourselves like Man vs. Food.

We also played cards. Lots and lots of cards. Solitare and Kings in the Corner.

They even brought Heidi! We love Heidi! This dog is 87 lbs of cuddle. She is 87 lbs of sweetness. She is 87 lbs of hair of which she left around the house as tokens of love. Maybe she was worried we'd forget how lovely she is. Maybe it was her Valentines Day gift. Maybe she didn't realize she left anything behind?

Oh Heidi, you left your sweet strands of hair in the most random places.

Where, might you ask?

I'll tell you.

After having Monday off from work Jordan ventured back to work Tuesday. He was sniffling and sneezing the entire day... a cold he just couldn't kick! And then, late in the afternoon he blew his nose at just the right angle to have a 2'' black hair float out.

Thanks Heidi!


Josh and Corinne said...

Must have been quite the sneeze!!

Dirks said...

Why is that so so funny?

sarah w said... guys are card-playing folk. have you ever heard of hand and foot? we'll have to get together sometime and play.