Wednesday, November 18, 2009

And we thought a small bowel resection was tough...

Forget the fact that he has been in the hospital for 9 days. Nevermind the pain. Don't even consider the 10 plus days without FOOD AND DRINK. Instead... mourn with us over this story.

Besides Gatorade, Jordan's first love is Eggo Waffles.

I'm sorry that was vague.

Jordan's first love is STRAWBERRY EGGO WAFFLES.

He gave them his heart a long time ago... and out of his mouth he just lamented:
Why? Why would they do this? First Peter Pan peanut butter? And now waffles?

As the nurse charted his progress he said he has lost all motivation to return home.

A home without waffles? That's not a home at all!


carrie dirks said...

Hope he starts feeling better soon. You are both in our prayers.

JC said...

How hilarious is my wife? I love this post. However, it is true, I HAVE lost all motivation to return home.

Amanda said...

this is just mean, sad times for you both! hope it all takes a turn for the better SOON!