Tuesday, October 14, 2008

of course we don't believe... this...

The Probe. Oh my.

We drove down Skinker and turned left just after Memorial towards Wash U. I spotted that unique bodystyle. I eyed those wheels and as I did I call out, "LOOK A PROBE" But it was not just any Probe. It was our former Probe, you know, the one with caulk on the roof keeping the rain from splashing in from the once-I-worked-but-decided-to-die-out-FOREVER sunroof. It was the one with the back hatch smashed in matching the shape of the tree it fell into. It was the one with the ceiling fabric falling in on us. It was the one that still gets a freaking 36 miles/gallon. You would you eye sore. You would.

So we pulled over and we took a picture. We laughed, pointed and reminisced those days of yore. It felt good. It really did. I think we even emailed it around. For giggles. But the aftermath... the consequence of our mocking... the result of our careless charading in U City sucked. Bad.

Good morning. Someone slammed into your car that slammed into your other car and drove off.
I heard the crash and saw your cars damaged.
They didn't leave a note?!
Well they left part of their car.
And their license plate.

Thank you two plate state MO. MA7 F 4N. Watch your back. We have a dobe and a hot dog dog. Oh, and when we find your 80's Buick self, are you interested in buying/taking our dogs? Cool.

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Alina said...

That hurts...both cars at once. I can't remember if I have told you this yet, but I love the photo at the top of your dog curled up. I think that every time I open up to your blog.