Saturday, April 12, 2008

tri-berry muffins

It was established long ago that cooking is just... well, not... me. I was so excited about these muffins. Barefoot Contessa. Barefoot Contessa I so enjoy you. Barefoot Contessa these muffins just looked delightful and the fresh berries. Oh those fresh berries... I could just taste the goodness and freshness and joy in your recipe. And then I made them and I made them forgetting one special and far-too important ingredient we call sugar. Now I stand behind B.C. and I blame this entirely on me, so this weekend I will be making the muffins again- with sugar. Her recipes are so good that even without sugar.... fantabulous.


Anonymous said...

hey! leslie told me to check your blog here I am! Its so cute! Those muffins look fantabulous-- who needs the sugar?
~jen t

tara bear said...

i love the barefoot contessa. "isn't that gorgeous?" .. but would i love her sooo much if it wasn't also for her cool stuff? --tara bear