Thursday, April 17, 2008

love me some spring


green grass.


warm breezes.

dinner on the porch, newly painted mind you.

spring rocks.

i highly recommend laying down... fully laying down, on your cement sidewalk after a long days work. it is oddly comfortable and the dogs.just.flock.

the men.

oh, and huge congratulations to our sweet caroline (or carolyn) for passing the puppy training at petsmart. she's smart like her daddy. she's also needy like her mommy.

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the Halvorsons said...

yall are adorable. puppies and all. okay, so is petsmart the trick to getting out of control (large) puppies under control?? bailie and bella are unreal hyper puppies. yours are precious.

and I'm loving your hair...looks great, as usual. i just cut all of mine off!

jordan, your hair looks good too.